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Glass-topped stoves have a modern, streamlined look, and have a reputation for being easy to clean. While a simple wipe down with all purpose cleaner will keep your stove top free of crumbs, keeping your glass-topped stove showroom shiny isn’t quite as simple. Small drips from saucepans stand out, and water stains can quickly become burned and baked in.

Fortunately, this simple cleaning kit from Cerama Bryte and a little elbow grease will have your stove looking as good as new.

In the Kit

This cooktop cleaner kit comes with everything you need to safely clean any smooth-top stove without scratching. The 10-ounce bottle of Cerama Bryte cleaner cuts through stubborn grease, and burnt on deposits. For extra tough spots, the kit contains a cleaning pad and scraper.

Customer Feedback

Customers love the way this kit cuts through stains, especially when they compared it to other sprays that left the cooktop shiny but not deeply clean. Customers also noted that the scrubber and scraper made a big difference in removing marks that had been baked in for years.

Tips for Use

A little Cerama Bryte cleaner goes a long way. Using a small amount of product, wipe down the stove top. Then scrub and scrape stains away. Using more product doesn’t result in a deeper clean, so this kit lasts for many uses.